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Zack Wentz is a professional mountain guide, environmental educator, and land stewardship advocate. As an AMGA-trained instructor/guide and university trained forest professional, Zack focuses on striking a balance between land conservation and recreational land use.

Upholding these values are the primary focus of Zack's career pursuits. His mission is to spread conservation-mindedness through influencing people with little-no access to the outdoors by bringing these people to wild, remote, untouched wilderness with the hopes they'll be influenced to protect it. 


Through this site, I hope to provide information about managing mountain environments in a responsible manner, provide condition reports and information for the public to access the mountains in a more informed fashion, and hopefully inspire others to contribute to improving access to the mountains. In addition, I hope to provide other aspiring guides some insight as to what I went through while pursuing my dream of becoming a mountain guide.  

Where I'm From

So much of who you develop into depends on your upbringing and where you grew up. I was born in Thousand Oaks, CA and moved to Boulder, CO when I was 2 years old. My parents introduced the philosophy of environmental protection and adventure early through reading the tales of John Muir, Jon Krakeur, among others. Throughout my childhood, I've cycled through various passions including severe weather research, cooking, musicianship (electric and upright bass), and ecosystem restoration. All these passions play into the experience that I strive to provide to my guests in the mountains. 

What I Do

I'm currently an AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide and AMGA Single Pitch Instructor. I spend my summers working as a rock and alpine guide in various regions, and winters as a splitboard guide and student of Forest and Snow Avalanche research at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, BC Canada. I hope to use this degree to better understand snow avalanches, a huge hazard faced in the winter mountain environment as well as contribute to land management considerations.

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